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When in Paris... magical like a musical!

Let's be together!

How magical is that when you live abroad in a different and distant country from your family and at some point you get the chance to meet 4 very special friends from your home town plus your sister in Paris?

So good that gets confusing like feeling at home but with the Louvre and Eiffel tower in the background at the same time. Pompidou and all. The Philharmonie de Paris is a MUST GO place. I got into tears as soon as I got inside their gallery. So imponent to visit the timeline of so many sort of instruments and costumes related to the music and dance history.

I come from a family of artists and most of them are musicians. My greatest muse who is my grandma Eva, is a brilliant classical singer apart from a fantastic painter as well and so many more talents that will not fit here. She is a Paris lover and not only has she been there many times but also she speaks French and has recorded some songs in this language.

During nearly 3 years of my life here in Dublin, I have lived with French people and things always made so much sense with them from my point of view. Maybe my nana was already preparing me for what was to come. A second family or something like that.

I always heard that French people were snob and specially in Paris they were pretty rude and all. I swear to god that I was in alert mode towards them, ready to bounce back the aggressiveness but all they did to me was always just being the most amazing people in the world.

Am I this lucky that I managed to bump only into the polite and funny ones? I do not think so. My Eva diva was right about that place. This was the second time I've been there though. The first one was with my godmother so, again another very close and maternal person.

One day, in a session with a medium back the years, she said I was a very beautiful and charming gypsy dancer in France. This is still resonating here inside until now and the rest I will keep for another conversation cause now I really want you to watch this video from my last visiting to this so familiar and nurturing place.

Only good things will come out from my mouth regarding this country, really.

J'aime tout le monde et tout dans cette vidéo <3

Merci beaucoup universe!

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