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Inner magnet activation with cacao and movement medicine

In this event myself and Leo Heart have combined some of our tools in order to offer a very fun and deep opportunity to reconnect to our child consciousness through movement, meditation, sound healing and expression and raise the sense of unity with Mother Earth with a gentle punch of Cacao.

The Cacao has been used as a sacred fruit since thousands years ago due to all its benefits and proprieties it carries in each bean. It had been also used as a currency more valuable than gold during a period of history.

Through ou guidance we intended to access the nature’s forces to expand our hearts bringing stagnant energy back in flow and boosting everyone’s creativity and capability to love!

No experience required either with Cacao or Movement. Open to whoever gets the call to attend 🤍🕸

#cacaoceremony #bodywisdom #sacredforest #anahatayoga #freemovement #astrology #dublinireland #brunagosta


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