First time in a place I’ve already lived in

On the 19th April, 2019, still dark at night, I was off to Riacho da Onça with a group of entities. I’ve never heard of this place before, so apart from finding out it existed, I rediscovered many other things. A gift box that was given to me and when I opened it, I was already there. A time travel!

Trips to places like that have an alchemical effect on me. After some sessions of past life therapy I have attended, also after many powerful rendezvous I had since my childhood with people from different parts of the countryside, even abroad, and yet from uncountable dreams, I dreamed with that environment. I catch myself again thinking about how much it orbits me, inhabits me.

This journey made me reflect about so many things as I saw myself profoundly in all bits. I’m still taking some time digesting and learning from this experience.

I picked a wild vegetable called maxixe with Nina, a woman from the Caatinga that would tell us wise stories in the meantime. She said the cascavel snake is the most amicable animal on the planet as it always warns us when it is around. This lady told us how many times she had to face and stab one, two, three of them. Easily. - No problem!

While listening to that, I was in an alert state, aware of all insects noises, wondering if any of those could be a snake, even though I trusted that 82 years old lady with a lot of intimacy and knowledge about that fauna and flora. I knew I was safe beside her.

I haven't been born in that context of the Northeast of Brazil, however it’s the region which both sides of my family were from, feeling pretty close to my karmic root when I am there. A belonging feeling always hangs in the air.

Luckily, I was there a month after a heavy rainfall, not so common in a place where could be without it for over a year.

So I had the chance to see all sorts of cactus with powerful flowers in front of me, as described in a famous Brazilian song about Mandacaru flowering in the semiarid. Decided to try its fruit, which is considered a superfood, it didn’t taste as special as it sounded, honestly. Not bad either, just a funny sensation on the tongue, hard to explain but it fades quickly.

Those tiny colourful flowers in a such uncountable celestial variety almost made me stop for photographing one by one. However, it would take much more time than we actually had for them at this time.

I finally stepped on those cracked-dried soils, only seen on the TV news when warning about the damage caused by the desertification every year around that area. I also saw a flock of ducks flying over. It might sound silly, but I have never seen that before and completely loved it. I could have passed straight, focused on the destiny only, though the landscapes on the way to Riacho were truly breathtaking and it was like watching a beautiful movie happening right in front of your eyes.

Riacho da Onça, Queimada - Bahia. A tiny piece of land in the middle of the Bahian hinterland, with approximately 10,439 inhabitants, that overflows magic in everything, especially in its people - showing how being simple is chic and wise.

Look at Nina again: teaching so much without even realising it! That beautiful skirt that she handmade using broken umbrellas (in a place that hardly rains) left me open - mouthed and full of joy.

I began to see everything differently. Specially living in Ireland, a country that rains a lot and is windy most of the year, usually finding broken umbrellas on my way, I never considered recycling that piece of fabric or even the metal frame. I was conditioned to think that lost material was pure rubbish, ignoring it.