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Body wisdom workshop - 29th Feb

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

My work with body awareness is the most complete experience I’ve offered so far.

I put all my knowledge regarding symbolism, photography and motion together to help you to access your deepest self and let go what no longer belongs to you and embrace the new possibilities.

Come with me and I will explain you better…

The three Tarot arcanas that guided us on this class were the Wheel of Fortune, the Devil and the Page of Pentacles.

Funny enough for this moment the Wheel of Fortune means the impermanence. The fact that we gotta enjoy what we have today as tomorrow it might be totally different and that opportunity may be gone. Each second is already a second, not a first.

The water that runs in your body everyday is never the same. Water rules the emotional field so it talks about the instability and maintenance of our feelings. How much should value each minute of your life?

The Devil was the second card that ruled our class that day. This one is also a major arcana such as the previous one. Just saying the name of this card is enough to create a polemic atmosphere. This card talks about the forbidden fruit. The shadows. The taboo. The orgasm for pleasure and not for procreation.

It rules our libido, creative power, sexuality, instincts, secrets desires, obsessions, addictions, destructive behaviours, not so pretty attitudes, fear, sarcasm.

How do you deal with them?

The third card was the Page of Pentacles or Prince of Disks in some decks. This suit is represented by golden coins. It talks about value, material goods and the main material good we have in this life which is our physical body.

This arcana invites us to treasure who and how we are in material terms. Exactly the way Mother Nature decided we should be. She knows better. It suggests us to love each bit of this amazing machinery that allows us to dance or to go on a trip, for example. Anyway, to feel pleasure experimenting all the amazing things we can try in this vast world with our 5 senses. Maybe 6!

Hope you enjoy it 💚

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