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what the freedom? - body awareness - 1st Aug 2020

Updated: Sep 27, 2020

I have been asking myself during the past few months in lockdown, picturing how would it be on the day I’d finally be back to dance and hug freely just after such a crazy time. These classes were already challenging enough for me. Now they are absolutely a mystery.

Anyway, I had an idea for our return. A reflexion about freedom through our bodies. Social distancing but still exploring the other possibilities of contact.

This class was a portal to our new normal life. A meeting at an old place to realize how much we have changed in such a short period of time. A real particles accelerator!

I have passed through the four basic elements: Fire, Earth, Air and Water. We also explored and worked under the archetypes brought from 3 Tarot arcanas which were: XXI - The Universe, XIV - The Temperance and The 10 of Cups.

Basically we accessed our very own pharmacies carried in our genetic code. All medicine, painkillers and any sort of answers that we need we have in our bodies just at our disposal, all the time with no limits. Isn't that fantastic?

We shared our particular universes, exposing our potencies and vulnerabilities in order to engage ourselves towards a collective reaction, like a wave of fear that turned into love and acceptance to transform many places within that still vibrates in any negativity. Both from what we brought inside, individually and also outside brought from others, suggesting or even promising the possibility to expand. Together!

The last arcana was the completude, abundance, fully blessed of joy, happiness and love. Satiety!

The four elements were awaken in our physical bodies and the right formula was created for each of us based on our specific needs and openness. A spiritual team was in charge from the very beginning of this experience until the end.

It was an intense feeling of belonging, pleasure and over all freedom that ruled my life and kept me vibrating really high on the 3 following days after it. I hardly could remember if I ever had any sort of issue in life. Levitating freely like a feather!

Grateful for all support, good intentions and miracles performed there <3

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