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Body awareness and movement research Workshop 7/12/19

Last workshop given in Dec 2019 - Body Awareness and Movement Research

The Tarot Arcanas that guided us that day were The Fool and the 8 of Swords. Respectively they represent the unpredictable and the limiting beliefs.

We explored what our limiting beliefs were and where they were placed on our bodies and with the help of The Fool energy we had the pull we needed to breakthrough and update that info on our tissues. Releasing that petrified memory that no longer meant anything useful for the 'here and now'.

It is very exciting to witness such discoveries in one's life. Someone said:

- I was sure my body could not do this and had my eyes rolling up when you first explained the exercise Bruna!

How many new possibilites much beyond a dance class this person have now?

The Fool Arcana suggests the primitive freedom, wildness, the chaos and taking risks. The 8 of Swords suggests us to analyse a situation once more in practical terms and get rid of all sort of prejudice or mental conditioning that might pull us back from experimenting what the universe is really allowing us to do.

In the last third of the class we worked on a sequence of contemporary dance to practice a bit or rhythm and coordination.

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