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     The  astroportrait is an original product developed by the photographer and astrologer Bruna Gosta. Leaving this third person aside to get closer to you, I would call it an experience of self-knowledge that starts from the inside to the outside checking piece by piece of your being. Approaching both universes, visible and invisible. The process begins with the reading of your birth chart. Diving beyond your conscious and unconscious memories.

      In one shot, a thousand possibilities are opened to you. I investigate your abilities, life mission, karmic wounds and we plan some solutions to channel these energies the best.

     The result of this first stage of the experience already guarantees a great internal relief. The chart is a photograph of how you look internally that I help you to see through the symbols.


      Okay, now that we know what you came here for, I'll create some concepts for your photo shoot that will serve as a reminder of the priceless value you will discover you have. Even if you already know this, believe me, everything will get even stronger and brighter paths will be open to you.

     I work with fashion applied to personal portrait, then we will both together break the rules and discover that your body can go much further with small changes. I will investigate your personality and the proportions of your body to create images with great beauty and meaning. Unique as you and me!


      My photographic style talks about many colors, textures and dramatic compositions, nothing obvious. I like the funky and retrospective look.


     It is not a rule, but most of the times we start with you fully dressed and we end up with you wearing nothing but yourself. That should be enough. After that experience, you will understand deeply that in fact, the more undressed of clothes and accessories, the closer you will be of your very own self.


     Both stages transform a lot, so even if you choose only one of them, just a chart reading or just a photo shoot, it will be worth it.


    Check out some astroportraits below and contact me to schedule yours. It will be my pleasure to help you to get to know yourself.


Venus in the Midheaven


Venus in Leo


Sun in Aquarius