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  The work I develop with body awareness is the most complete service/experience I provide among everything I do. Bruna's real cauldron, where I mix a bit of all tastes. The best I have to offer and the one that flows in complete and deep resonance with my vibrational truth and identity the most. When I truly tune into the divine forces.

  Many symbols, techniques and approaches are there in a surgically combined manner. A delicious challenge for Bruna, a pedagogue who brings everything she has lived in terms of studies of the therapeutic universe, of dance that has been present in her life since childhood. Passing through ballet, tap dance, capoeira, jazz, afro-dance, theatre, contemporary, salsa, forró, improvisation, authentic movement, contact improvisation, gaga people and everything else that comes along the way.

  Daughter of a dancer, actress, tarot reader, astrologer, granddaughter of a painter, singer, stylist. I have been honouring my deepest roots in my work and giving vent to my inner child's dreams and creations. That one holds the keys!

  The inner child is the greatest star here. This experience's didactics is all designed to draw the attention to this part of our consciousness that has immense power over the construction of our future, allowing or blocking the flow of our creative power. Which is commonly neglected and abandoned by most people. Let's play, but let's play seriously. For great and real purposes providing an intensely happy life for the adult who leads it.

  The release of emotional blockages from our child consciousness, in analogy, resembles the anchors of a boat when pulled inward. This allows it mobility and the movement onwards remains continuous, as my own Moon in Aries requires.

  As a pedagogue, dancer, astrologer, reiki practitioner, student of the PathWork (psycho-spiritual guidance approach), tarot and everything else that I see ahead, I can not help but rely on the power of the archetypes to help me on this magical path.

  If you could create your own religion, how would it be like? What would you choose to do a little bit every day? What would be the foundations of this doctrine?

  I strive to work in harmony with the universal and spiritual Laws and to understand the symbols that are present in everything in life and I free myself to paint this huge picture the colours that I want. I teach that in my work too.

  The universe is polar, I am good and I am bad. You too and that is fine! It works really well that way. We have to love both sides to learn how to use them with mastery. In this way, we allow our inner child to move through life in a harmonious, welcoming way, both in light and in shadow.

  Sacred male and female, dancing Yin and Yang!

  Ignoring this basic axis, it will be impossible to find real peace. There will always be something missing, even a little. We are very anaesthetised and used to the aggressive patriarchal and capitalist approach. We learned to be content with very little, both sides badly hurt, injured, humiliated and lost. The Universe, nature or that divine force that prevails (call it what you prefer) guarantee us the right to be abundant.

  My proposal is to learn and teach about how to love and to be love!

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