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Birth Chart

     The birth chart is a picture of our solar system at the very moment of your birth. You can get it online for free easily, but the part that really matters is the interpretation of all these aspects. Believe me, they are lots and very deep.


     I think it should be mandatory at least one birth chart reading in a lifetime for everyone. It sounds extreme, but I know what I'm saying. Astrology has a tremendous spiritual healing power.


      Well,  in just one go this tool can teach you so much about yourself, that you would maybe take quite a good time to discover them on your own, in an up and down flow. This might mean a lot of suffering in most cases.


      It is a beautiful shortcut and a powerful exercise to get closer to yourself. In my reading I will talk about your abilities, vocation, karmic wounds and life mission. All followed by counseling with emotional intelligence techniques for channeling and developing your potentials. Helping you to go further in less time and turning up the volume of your inner voice.

Solar Return

      This technique does not dismiss the birth chart reading, quite the contrary. The birth chart is always the starting point for any reading done to you. Every year you have a new chart when the Sun returns to the degree it was on the day you were born.

     The chart of the solar revolution serves to give you more tips on how to face the challenges of a specific year while the birth one talks about your whole life or the great purpose of being here. One does not void the other. They complement themselves beautifully lightning up your path even more.

      I do not recommend the reading of the solar revolution for those who have never done the birth chart yet as it is an important base to understand what will be seen during the reading. I believe this order must be respected at least on my approach in order to get the best out of this experience. 


     The synastry or comparison of charts, serves to understand the role and influence of a specific person in your life.


     Although this technique is mostly required by couples seeking for harmony in their relationships, there is no need of romance to make such a reading. We can compare charts between friends, family members, to set a business partnership, to share a house or any kind of project done with someone else.

     The main challenges and potentials of that specific connection are clearly expressed on the comparison. It is a fantastic relationship guide in general. 

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